Benefits of using Endo Advance


ENDO Fuel cleans up deposit build up and restores the power of your engine, thus providing you with better performance.

Increased Cetane

ENDO Fuel provides an average Cetane number improvement of 4.85 over standard diesel. A higher Cetane number means that the fuel is burnt more efficiently providing you with improved acceleration.

Fuel Economy

ENDO Fuel’s combination of detergent use, high Cetane number and clean-up of deposit build up improves your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Lower Emissions

The stronger spray pattern produced through the speed of fuel flow through the injector allows the fuel to mix better with excess air and thus produces less C02 and NOx emissions.

Cleaning Detergent

The use of detergent in ENDO Fuel reduces the build-up of deposits, therefore, ensuring that the flow of fuel through the injector isn’t slowed down creating a strong spray pattern, which in turn provides a more complete combustion, improved fuel economy, and lower emissions.

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"Brilliant diesel... Car is more economical - Honda civic 2.2 now doing 300km with 20euro! Used to do 250"

Jean Carl Grech

"Today I filled up my Golf mk6 tdi with Endo... the difference is amazing!!! Engine is smoother... Faster and responds much better."

Joe DeBono

"Tried it yesterday and today on VW Golf mk6 1.6 tdi bluemotion and im happy with it"

Matthew Briffa

"Tried it. Felt the difference in performance quite instantly."

Andrew Cassar

"This week I tried it on my bmw e 90 and the result was impressive"

Ray Borg